Since 1931

About Us

Kake Da Hotel is one of the most sought after restaurants in Delhi. Located in the heart of Delhi in Connaught Circus, it has earned for itself a formidable reputation as a long standing provider of excellent restaurant and food services. On August 6, 2010, Captain Arun Chopra rebranded the enterprise as K-D-H Kake – Da – Hotel. He is taking forward the legacy with the original recipes that are handed down through the generations backed by a passion to “feed great food”. Through the years, we have maintained the same menu, the same great taste and the same attention to quality. For us, continuity of tradition is of utmost importance.

Our Food Ethos

We believe that food brings joy. It is an inherent part of our history, our culture and our identity. We have sourced out the best of ingredients on the foundation of which we create deliciousness. In fact, our vendors are those that were handpicked at the time we began our journey in India in the year 1948 and, they along with us have been carrying on the tradition of excellence. Each dish is lovingly cooked in the most hygienic of environments. We believe in the old age adage, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and we are dedicated to maintaining it. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest of standards in all areas – taste of food, service, cleanliness warmth, hospitality. We do all this while keeping a strict check on the price line. Where else can you find Dal Makhani, made of pure desi ghee, for just Rs. 90 per portion? Our policy is simple – advantage guest. We want to make good food affordable to all. No wonder then that at peak hours the waiting time for guests can be substantial. We may be small, but we pack a punch. We give the diners an experience that draws them to us again and again.

Our Lineage

Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra was a freedom fighter who participated passionately in India’s struggle for freedom. In his bid to give his all to his country, he even shared jail space with the likes of Late Shri Inder Gujral. The love he had for his motherland is inherited by his son Captain Arun Chopra.

We have a history that dates as far back as the year 1931. This was the year when Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra laid the foundation of this legacy in the lanes of Lahore, Pakistan. Kake Da Hotel soon became a name to be reckoned with. The partition saw him shifting base to the capital city of Delhi. Then in the year 1948, in the heart of the city, he opened a restaurant by the same name and history was made. After the passing away of Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra, the pages of history were continued to be written by his son,CaptainArun Chopra.

Captain Arun Chopra
joined the Indian Army to serve his nation the way his father did. But destiny had something else in store for him. Circumstances forced him to take an early retirement and he came home to take over the reins of his father’s beloved legacy – Kake Da Hotel. Captain Arun Chopra then continued to serve the nation but in a different capacity. He is now not fighting for it, but he is now feeding it.

True Punjabi Heritage

The food we serve is a true benchmark of our Punjabi heritage – right from the pure desi ghee that is used for making all our dishes. Unlike as in most other eateries, our ghee is not cream based but is the pure, authentic ghee. Sarson – just the word brings to mind the lush fields of Punjab. It finds space in our kitchens with true Punjabi Saag Meat, Saag Chicken among other things. The daalmakhani is slow cooked overnight on a charcoal fire to tantalise the taste buds. In fact, all our food is cooked on charcoal to add that kick of taste. Care is taken even in the masalas we use. They are freshly ground and carefully mixed and used as per the dish. You step into K-D-H Kake Da Hotel and you are immediately taken on a culinary journey to Punjab.

The Road Map Ahead

As of now, we have only one branch at Connaught Circus. But now, we are looking forward to franchising the legacy and bringing the true taste of Punjab to more and more people. The franchisees will be carefully selected and trained by us. For the first time ever, the secret recipes will be shared with a select few. Absolute care will be taken to ensure that the taste, the ethos, the heritage laid down by K-D-H Kake Da Hotel is carried forward.

Address: Shop No. 67, Outer Circle,
Municipal Market, Connaught Place,
New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Hours: Open today · 12AM to 11:30PM
For Franchisee Enquiry Contact
Captain Arun Chopra : 9811230098
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